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We design water metering solutions for local councils and water authorities across Australia that are simple, cost-effective and reliable.


More than managing bills

Our technology can be used for much more than just billing purposes as it provides useful information about a water network and the usage of water. This significantly lowers the cost of investment in AMR when compared to manual meter reading methods, making it more affordable for most organisations.

The high frequency of our transmitters provides a wealth of data information that can be used for leak detection, demand management, load balancing, network planning and optimisation.

Increasingly, AMR is being used as a key tool in the planning and operation of efficient water distribution networks in Australia and overseas.

Our customers use the data to improve their monitoring of Demand Management Areas (DMAs), to get real time views of network performance, leakage, and the key drivers of peak demand. For example you can work out who uses large amounts of water at particular times and be able to plan accordingly.


Cost effective technology

The range of a radio solution fundamentally drives the overall cost of installation and operation of AMR systems. Our technology is specifically targeted to deliver the lowest possible total cost of ownership in the market today.

Traditionally, most water utility distribution networks account for 60-70% of a company’s assets with little visibility of the network’s status and performance. While SCADA is widely used to monitor and control the production of water and delivery to service reservoirs, it is rarely used to monitor those assets beyond the reservoir. This has made it uneconomical to provide widespread data communications from assets like water meters. Today, AMR data is used to optimise the management of this asset providing long-term value for the customer.


Pit installation

Placing radios underground is problematic. The long range of Taggle radios provides an effective solution for pits making it ideal to install a cost-effective real-time AMR solution.

A major challenge to the use of any radio-based automatic meter reading (AMR) system is having meters installed in pits, common in many parts of Australia. Three aspects of pit installations which need managing are:

Our super-sensitive receivers largely overcome these issues as they receive signals from transmitters located in pits or under metal lids as long as they have a small hole. The submersion risk is still a challenge but by mounting the transmitter on the underside of the lid, much of the submersion risk is mitigated.


Future capabilities

We aim to deliver a low-cost data collection network capable of providing a water utility with a range of data required to optimise water networks in the 21st century.

We plan to offer other network monitoring sensors including:

The opportunities to provide customers with better service based on AMR interval data is an exciting development for the industry. Applying current network-wide flow data rather than using historical industry level data will help engineers significantly improve processes in a range of areas including:

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