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Taggle’s low power wide area (LPWA) radio technology offers low-cost, low-power, long range communications for many types of sensors and devices.

Taggle deploys Australia’s only dedicated m2m (machine-to-machine) network to enable the cost-effective collection of data from thousands of devices across very wide areas.

Our networks work equally as well in metropolitan, regional and remote areas across Australia and have proven themselves to be cost effective across large geographic spreads.

Our radio networks consist of one or more highly sensitive radio receivers located strategically in an area and very low-cost battery powered transmitters fitted to end user devices such as water, gas or electricity meters, environmental sensors and security devices.

Our wireless networks contribute to the Internet of Things (IoT) which is basically an infrastructure that enables networks to gather data from millions of devices and all sorts of sensors.


Receiver network

Taggle owns, operates and maintains the wireless network. Customers do not need to invest in or maintain the sophisticated radio equipment as we manage the network. Much like a mobile phone system where the network operators provide the network and users purchase mobile phones to operate across the network.




Network Coverage

Taggle deploys its network as required to meet the needs of its customers. Having Service Level Agreements with our customers, we aim to exceed our KPIs by ensuring that our network is robust and, where practicable, deployed with a high degree of redundancy. As of July 2018 we estimate that our network collects data from devices deployed in an area of more than 300,000 sqkm.


Australia-July 2018



We offer a range of transmitters to suit different solutions. Our transmitters, fitted to water meters for example, transmit readings every hour which are picked up by one or more receivers and passed through to the end user via Taggle’s data processing centre.


Data management and delivery

Data delivery is guaranteed from the field to the client’s data systems. Our data processing centre gathers the data from the transmitters for use by clients.

The data can be used in spreadsheets, SCADA, GIS, Billing and other software to produce reports, alarms and other outputs to feed into operational and planning decisions.

Our data can be used with a customer’s in-house system. Most of our customers receive hourly readings delivered daily in a variety of formats that is then used within their own systems. For those without appropriate software, we offer a simple web-portal.



An important aspect of the data collected by Taggle’s network is that contains no private information such as name, address or contact details.


Simple web-portal

We offer a simple web-portal so that customers, through secure access, can view charts of their individual meter data. The web interface shows both daily and hourly consumption data in a graphic format and provides the ability to download data for use in Excel or similar software.

This is suitable for customers who require software for AMR data visualisation.