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Rural Aussie council gains unexpected benefits from successful IoT project [Case Studies]

Rural Aussie council gains unexpected benefits from successful IoT project
Successful technology projects that go live on schedule and budget and immediately …

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SA Water – Adelaide [Councils]

SA Water tackles Adelaide’s water problems using Taggle’s LPWAN

Video – Roch Cheroux,  SA Water CEO
SA Water’s new $4 million smart water …

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Taggle helps GWMWater reduce meter reading and pumping costs [Case Studies]

GWMWater serves a population of approximately 72,000 people with a geographic spread of 62,000 square kilometres, which is about 30% of …

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AMR within pits [Water Utilities]

Wide Bay Water, Maryborough, Queensland
Taggle worked with Wide Bay Water (WBW) to provide a low cost wide-area AMR system across residential …

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Alice Springs, Wutunugurra, Ali-Curung and Yuelamu, Northern Territory [Remote Communities]

Taggle is working with the Northern Territory Power & Water Corporation to help a remote community with its water security and …

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Multi-storey apartments sub-metering [Apartments]

38-storey apartment building, Sydney CBD
Taggle worked with Elster, a water meter manufacturer, to help a modern 38-story apartment building more equitably …

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Finding water efficiencies in agriculture [Case Studies]

Barwon Water – Irrewarra Farm Care Trial
Taggle is working with Barwon Water and the Irrewarra Farm Care group to trial Automatic …

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Installation of NSW’s largest wireless sensor network [Water Utilities]

Goldenfields Water
Taggle worked with Goldenfields Water County Council (GWCC) to install it Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) wireless sensor network to …

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Establishing a network to help manage water consumption [Councils]


Mareeba Shire Council
Mareeba Shire Council, located on Queensland’s north, near Cairns, is responsible for providing water across the region. The council …

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