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We have a long and proud history in the field of cutting edge radio technology in Australia.



Taggle is founded to fill a gap in the radio technology space. Taggle’s founders include the developers of the world-first 5GHz WiFi integrated circuits at Radiata Communications.

Taggle identifies the need to produce battery-powered remote sensors that could work for many years without human intervention. If the cost of monitoring individual sites was made low enough then large numbers of remote sensors, each gathering small amounts of data, could provide a valuable data aggregation resource.



Taggle develops a world-first integrated circuit radio and receiver that delivers small amounts of data over long distances, with high network capacity and lower power. Now known as Low Power, Wide Area Networking (LPWAN).

The initial technology is a low-cost transmitter that sends data to a very sensitive central receiver, using a cellular network architecture.



Taggle deploys its first commercial LPWA networks to the water industry. These deliver hourly water meter readings for a trial area in the Mackay district of Queensland.



Taggle develops network and data management products to support its customers. Launch of a new interface for customers to access single batches of information and enable analytics.



Taggle builds on its first deployments and continues to build a strong and vast network of radio devices. These initial placements build customer support, spreading the word about the benefits of Taggle technology in the market.



As of March 2017, Taggle’s network covers more than 250,000 collecting data from over 100,000 devices on behalf of local councils and water utilities around Australia. The types of sensors deployed across the networks is also increasing. Examples include SensorQ (James Cook University) which is using Taggle for its Sensor Buoy, a low-cost technology for the monitoring, analysis and management of water quality in urban creeks and streams, and LX Technology which has integrated Taggle devices with weather stations for a Victorian farm research organisation, Birchip Cropping Group.

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