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Taggle is an Australian based and owned developer of Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) radio technology offering low-cost, low-power, long range communications for many types of sensors and devices.

We are the market leader in automatic meter reading (AMR) and the first to deliver Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) to the water industry.

We use radio technology to deploy Australia’s only dedicated Machine to Machine (M2M) network enabling cost-effective data collection from thousands of devices across very wide urban and regional areas.

Initially focused on utility-scale automatic meter reading (AMR), our network is used by a growing number of utilities to gather data for additional purposes such as leak detection, demand management, network optimisation and billing. Data can also be collected from other sources including electricity and gas meters, rain gauges, pressure sensors, liquid overflow, temperature and humidity sensors.

We are building networks across Australia. As new technology and standards for LPWAN emerge we incorporate them into our networks.

We deliver seamless data across multiple radio technologies, including our own radio technology, to provide our customers with the most appropriate solutions, tailored to their needs.

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