Taggle is Australia’s dedicated M2M network provider, revolutionising low cost monitoring for Australian water resources through the use of cutting-edge radio technology.

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Taggle Meter Readings 2016:

With over 100,000 tags connected to meters across Australia to monitor water usage through our radio networks, Taggle customers can receive meter readings on an hourly basis for each device.


Who we are

Taggle is an Australian based and owned developer of Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) radio technology offering low-cost, low-power, long range communications for many types of sensors and devices.

With our rapidly expanding network, we service high-rise and urban centres, regional utilities, remote communities and farm monitoring. We work with our customers to deliver tailored solutions.

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What we do

We are the market leader in automated meter reading (AMR) in Australia. We offer flexible solutions that are cost-effective and reliable to help our clients better manage services such as water through timely water readings.

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What we use

We use our own radio network to retrieve data from devices. Our networks gather data for leak detection, demand management, network optimisation and billing among others.

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The Taggle system provided valuable information that we were able to use to identify when water was in demand by stock and adjust our water management accordingly, making sure there was enough water in quantity and flow to cover peak times.

Bruce Bilney, Barwon Water