Taggle Systems provides low-cost, long-range, low-power location and telemetry services to the Australian market.  We have designed a custom chip for a 'transmit only' radio, which sends a very low-power data 'ping' at programmable intervals.

The data 'ping' is detected by an extremely sensitive custom-designed receiver.  Data is delivered to the end user via the internet, and/or mobile phone SMS.


The Taggle ear tag enables your livestock to be tracked and mapped economically.    A typical rural installation provides coverage of greater than 7km radius (>150sq km).

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livestock location

Taggle provides a cost-effective, long-life method of delivering regular, real-time meter readings (up to half hourly). Currently being installed in domestic and commercial premises, the daily consumption profiles produced can reveal a significant amount about water use behaviour.

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water meter telemetry

Taggle telemetry can be used to remotely monitor irrigation flow meters and soil moisture content, enabling you to apply water only where, and when, it is needed.

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irrigation & soil monitoring